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Hello you and wellcome to my blog. My name is Raimo von Konow, I am a finnish multimedia teacher and media consult / trainee. My special interest is collaboration in eLearning environments.

Previously I used to work as a journalist in radio and TV, I also wrote articles in newspapers and magazines. I still do some consulting job as a journalistic trainee specialiced in interviewing method and multimedia production.

Last ten years or so I have been working as a pedagog. During that time I have consentrated mainly upon web based content production and project management. Resently I have tuned in more to the eLearning and new pedagogical tools and methods. I think this will be a mega trend of the next years or decades to come.

At the monet I´m particpating in international MA programme ePedagogy Design at UIAH (University of Industry and Art of Helsinki). This blog is part of my MA thesis.


My interest toward Internet rosed some times in late 80´s. I heard people bubbling about digital production and Information society. All that sounded highly suspicious but deadly interesting too. It think it was 1992 when I got my first touche to the digital production. At that time I worked as a news reporter in Swedish Broadcasting Company. My workmate had returned from his excursion to Australia and he told us that “guys your tapes are so yesterday”. Soon after that I was introduced to the digital sound workstation. The name of my mate is Veli Raasakka and you still find him at SBR (well designed website).

All the media scene went through the digitalization during the 90´s. I followed the development of ICT as a freelance journalist for several publications. What do I remember of it? Worldwideweb, broadband, 1Mhz Intell, Amazon… and the dotcom hype. 1999 I established a new educational programme for multimedia producers at Heo Mediapaja and started as a executive teacher of it.

Since the 2003-4 the speed of development has been fast. Now we got the Web2.0, ubiquitous ICT with all the wider gap between digital natives and “left overs”. Allthough it is fair to say that the time span to cross the border from outside over to the natives is getting shorter.

Now and onwards

This year I´m having my sabbatical. It means staying at home and taking care of our children and a lot of other domestical duties. I´m married and we have 3 lovely boys(9/6/1). My wife is a magazine photographer. During this year I´m also hopefully figuring out what I am going to do with the next phase of my life. I turned 49 yesterday.

You will find me in FaceBook and my more detailed CV in LinkedIn.

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