Clumsy retrieval of data is one source of danger in Finnish public health care. Important information can disappear into the dephts of softwear directories and even the patients have reported that a remarcable time waisting factor at doctors is computing.

There can be 100 pages of text without any summary, out of which a doctor should find information in a couple of minutes”, says doctor Arto Virtanen in a Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. Virtanen works as a doctor at a public health clinic. Earlier he used to see up till seven patients in an hour. Now when there is more documentation and paperwork to be done the number of patients per hour has dramatically dropped in two.

In hospitals, the systems do not separately tell nurses about changed dosages of medicines. In addition to causing outright dangers, computer systems waste precious working hours. In addition to actual medical data, the computer requires the recording of various items of statistical information. Even patients have recognized that huge part(43%) of their visiting time to the doctor is spend dealing with a computer.

Suggested solutions:
• Proper tecnological solutions must be provided.
• Software companies have to listening to the users and their actual needs .
• There should be more compatibility between systems.
• Web based, easely accesible common database required.
• Solutions and achitecture should be constructed according to the actual working process.
• The software and practices must be in place to allow the medical community to leverage the technology efficiently.

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